Clearly defined boundaries help avoid misunderstandings and disagreements. Millenia ago, in Mesopotamia and alongside the Nile, surveyors worked with lawyers in protecting property rights.

At Red Line Plans we follow those traditions, but with state of the art equipment we create the clear and accurate plans expected for documenting property ownership in the 21st century, even on the most challenging of sites.

So, if you are looking for Land Registry compliant plans, be it for lease or freehold, you are in the right place.

We are practiced at preparing plans for deeds of variation, transfers of part and flying freeholds too.

With prices currently from £240 for small single unit leases (includes reasonable edits for 12 months) you will find our value hard to beat.

With over 20 years of experience, you will be in safe hands with us.

Email me with your property details today on paul@redlineplans.co.uk for a free no obligation quote.

Paul Mann
Cheif Surveyor / Managing Director
Red Line Plans
0844 330 7526
Covid-19 Arrangement

We are taking responsible actions to protect our staff, our families and our business.

1) We are making a risk assessment on all sites before visiting:
For most title plans we would be working outdoors, and if site interactions can be minimsed then there is minimal risk.
For many lease plans, licence plans and developer plans we would be working indoors. Where there is significant occupation then we would not be able to proceed at this time. Unoccupied sites are far lower risk, so providing access can be arranged safely, and travel is not prohibitive, then we may be able to proceed.
2) Our fee structure has been adjusted to promote good cashflow. Fees are now a little over 1% lower if paid on time. We will not be offering grace on late payments, these will be rigorously pursued.
3) Some Land Registry online services are unavailable, this may delay some orders. If you have your existing title plan or an official copy, then please enclose this when requesting a quote.
4) Staff are being furloughed due to a reduced workload. This may mean a recuced choice of dates for site visits, with lead times of up to 2 weeks. Director Joanne Whistler should be available most days for new enquiries and support of existing orders. (Our regular email and phone contacts will forward to her.)

Thank you for your support and understanding.
Please keep yourself and your loved ones safe.